Department of English grammar and history

Department of English grammar and history


The chair of "English grammar and history" was founded on the basis of the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers and order of the rector of SamSIFLstarted its activity as a separate departmenton the basis of the Department of Social Sciences acting at the Faculty of English Philology. In 2005-2011, the department was headed by Ph.D. Prof. O.U. Usmonov. From August 2011 to August 2013, the department was headed by Ph.D. G Mirsanov, from August 2013 to April 2014, the department was run by Ph.D. F.M. Usmanov. In 2014-2016 the position of the head of the department was directed by Ph.D. B.D. Odilov. At present, the department is conducted by M.Sh.Ismatova. The task for the staff of the chair is to bring up bachelors and masters who serve for the prosperity of our Homeland.

The team has been working hard to fulfill the high and honorable goals that have been entrusted to us. During their educational activities, in order to increase their professional skills the members of the department have been to many foreign countries, and share their experience and success not only among their own communities, but also their colleagues in collegesand academic lyceums. As a result of this collaboration, experienced teachers of the leading higher educational institutions who contribute to the development of such cooperation are also invited to the department.

The scientific direction of the department where teachers of the chair carry out many scientific works is called "The lingvo-didactic features of the inner and outer device of speech".


Bachelor's degree direction of the department:


  • 5111400 Foreign Language and Literature (in languages)

  • B 5112200 Foreign language in preschool and primary education (English)



Subjects taught at the department:

Bachelor's degree: (daytime)

• Independent learning skills

• Language skills integration

• Reading and writing practice

• Practice of language aspects

• Introduction to language philology

• Historical monuments of Uzbekistan

• History of the studiedlanguage

• Theoretical grammar and phonetics

• Comparative typology

• English Practical Course (preschool and primary education)


Bachelor: (evening time)

• Independent learning skills

• Language skills integration

• Reading and writing practice

• Practice of language aspects

The work carried out at the department:

The scientific direction of the department where the professors and teachers of the department carry out many scientific worksis called "lingvo-didactic features of the internal and external device of speech".


Cooperation in the department:

The English Language Grammar and History Department works with academic lyceums and professional colleges well. Professors and teachers of Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages ​​widely introduce innovative educational technologies at academic lyceums and professional colleges. In terms of continuity of education, two professional colleges, including Taylor district pedagogical professional colleges and1st professional pedagogical colleges of Samarkand city, have concluded educational and methodical cooperation agreements, and actively engages in business and innovation partnerships with employers and employers in ensuring employment of graduates.


There have been established branches of the department in professional colleges attached to the department.

The purpose of the department's branches is to provide teachers of academic lyceums and professional colleges for the introduction of pedagogical and information technologies in improving the effectiveness of the teaching process, scientific guidance for teachers in specialized colleges, joint scientific researches, practical help in the use of new laboratory equipment in colleges, the creation of incomplete textbooks, manuals, development of practical programs, regular training courses for specialized subjects on vocational guidance, as well as teaching and pedagogical , practical assistance in educational and methodical work.

The necessary information on the professional colleges attached to the department, IRC fund, the number of students in the directions of education, professorial-teaching staff, their academic degrees, special sciences teachers and their scientific potential is analyzed.

Vocational College students are always provided with presentation materials about the University's educational trends, and every year before the start of the new academic year, the Open Doors Day is organized and is open to students of lyceums and colleges explanatory work is being carried out.