Chair of Lexicology and Stylistics of the English language

 The Chair of Lexicology and Stylistics of the English language was founded in 2011 in August according to the order of the rector of SamSIFL. From 2011 to 2012 the chair was leaded by Ruzikulov F.Sh., from 2012 to 2013 by Ph.D. Ashurov Sh. S. and from 2013 to 2014 by Ph.D Shomurodova Sh. J.

On September 3, 2014, Ph.D Amriddinova Nazira Shamsiddinovna has been appointed as the head of the chair. 


Such disciplines as Country study, Lexicology, Stylistics and text interpretation, Theoretical and practical lexicography, Foreign language ( General English),The second foreign language (English) are taught for the 3rd year students up to present days. Besides, productive practice, final qualification papers and master dissertations are conducted under our teachers` control. Nowadays, there are 3 candidates of philological sciences, 6 senior teachers.

The Direction of the Chair for Bachelors:

*5111400 – Foreign Language an Literature (English)

 The qualifications of the Chair for Masters:

*5A111401– Foreign Language an Literature (English)

 The subjects being taught in the Chair:

For Bachelors:

  • Country study

  • Lexicology

  • Stylistics and text interpretation

  • Theoretical and practical lexicography

  • The main foreign language (general)

  • The second foreign language (English)

For Masters:

  • The main foreign language (general)

  • Сcomparative Linguistics

Professor and teachers of the Chair:

  • Amriddinova Nazira Shamsiddinovna

  • Ismailov Anvar Rustamovich

  • Ruzikulov Fazliddin Shukurovich

  • Sadieva Nasiba Alimdjanovna

  • Shodiev Sanat Ergashevich

  • Khakimov Kakhramon Akramovich

  • Rasulov Normurod Atakulovich

  • Bahriddinova Madina Shavkatovna

  • Balyasnikova Marina Alexandrovna

  • Amonov Abdugani Telmanovich

  • Rakhmonova Amira Ulfatovna

  • Khamrakulova Amira Uktamovna

  • Ablyaeva Venera Vakhidovna

  • Ayupov Aupkhon Faridovich

  • Tuichiev Sokhib Erkinovich

  • Faizulaeva Dilnoza Ubaidullaevna

  • Samatova Gulnoza Negmatjonovna

  • Abdusalomova Lobar Akbarovna

  • Akhmedova Zulfiya Guseinovna

  • Ashurova Nigina Alimjanovna

  • Suleimanova Nargiza Mardonovna

  • Gulieva Elnara Fakhriddinovna

  • Kurbanova Zarina Odiljonovna

  • Erdanova Zebo Abulkasimovna

  • Mukhtarova Shakhnoza Faizullaevna

  • Nosirova Mokhigul Furkhatovna

Scientific and methodological manuals published in the Chair:

  • Conversational Practice (manual for the 3rd year students)

  • Analitycal reading (manual for the 3rd year students)

  • Home reading – “Hamlet”, “Ten plus one’ “Pygmalion”

  • The course of Lexicology (manual)

  • Country study (manual)

  • Бохча ёшидаги болалар учун инглиз тили (guidance)

  • “ Rally Around” for reading and discussing (manual for the 3rd year students)

  • English-Russian-Uzbek pictorial dictionary(dictionary)

  • Useful advice only for you (guidance)

  • Sociolinguistic study of variations in American English (manual)

  • Teaching and integrating language skills (manual)

Scientific works dealing in the Chair:

1.“The causative and parametric meaning of verbs”

Researcher: Shodiev S. E.

Сonsidering syntactic structures in particular nominative signage of words in a sentence in comparison with nomenclative signs, one can see a very important difference between them. Firstly, because the word is considered a nominative unit and retains its significance in the speech.

Scientific consultant: ph.d. prof. Turniyazov N.K.

2.“Nominative aspect of the sentence and syntactic relations”

Researcher: Suleimanova N. M.


The nominative meaning of the word, being the central linguistic unit in linguistics was deeply and fundamentally studied by linguists like Vinogradov VV, Kubryakova E.S and etc. However, in recent years, the study of the structure problems has become topical and today is a separately considered problem.

Scientific consultant: ph.d. prof. Turniyazov N.K.

Scientific and methodological works dealing in the chair:

Various scientific seminars are held in the chair once a month. The outlines of the seminars are looked through in advance by the head of the chair and hence recommended for discussion. A study circle of the 3rd year students`” Linguist”, directed by the chair teachers, runs in the faculty.

Organizational and methodological works in the chair: In the Academic lyceum of SamSIFL diferent seminars, demonstration lessons and trainings, according to the CEFR, are held every month.

Address of chair:  English faculty building 2 floor