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Higher education: problem, solution, effective result

Samarqand davlar chet tillar instituti

Of course, there are problems in the higher education system that need to be addressed. Based on my experience, I would like to express my suggestions that will be the solution to these problems. In particular, in connection with the demand for the region, it is necessary to create a centre for retraining and advanced training of foreign language specialists, teaching staff working in the system of preschool, general, secondary, professional and higher education based on the institute. This will create a platform for continuity in the field of foreign languages, as well as a platform for teacher education and targeted training of scientific and pedagogical personnel based on the needs of customers. It is possible to conduct seminars, trainings, webinars, open master classes with the participation of leading foreign professors and university professors.

In order to further increase the status and attractiveness of higher educational institutions of the republic in the international ranking, it is necessary to allocate targeted grants in the areas of undergraduate, graduate, doctoral studies for foreign citizens (by language). Expenses of foreign students will have to be paid in full (free tuition, dormitory, monthly scholarships, air tickets) or partially (free tuition and dormitory). It is also necessary to introduce educational grants for foreign partner universities. At the same time, studying international experience as an alternative to foreign government grants will also benefit from the allocation of educational grants from the funds of our own national and non-governmental organizations through the embassies of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad.